We research, customize, deploy, and support precisely the right set of tools for you.

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Release engineering is more than just processes and methodologies. Finding the right tools is key to how well they can support your software team's goals and needs.

Leverage our tooling and automation experience to help you research and implement the right level of of automation and process with the set of tools that fits your team and product.

Once we help you find them, we can customize them for your needs, properly deploy in your environment, and can appropriately monitor and support them. We also provide training, so your entire team can leverage the tool to its fullest.

Our expertise includes:

... plus, the experience to integrate these tools while minimizing disruption to your existing environment, so you can continue to ship.

Release Engineering Frameworks

We also provide support for tools specifically focused on improving your environment's ability and agility to ship.


QuickRelease is a lightweight, open source, cross-platform release harness framework.

QuickRelease models build/release processes to support testability and output verifiability, repeatablity, and process restartability. Additionally, it provides primitives for release engineering-specific concepts, such as "deliverables" and "partners."

QuickRelease augments your existing continuous integration and software construction tools for release-specific tasks; it is not meant to replace them.

QuickRelease is licensed under a liberal MIT-style license. Full source code and process examples are available on github.

Contact us for more specific information on how QuickRelease can transform your release process.