Our approach to release engineering is the difference.

A Different Approach We recognize and help you navigate all the release
engineering obstacles to shipping your software.

We've worked with organizations ranging from 10 engineers to 10,000, on products from enterprise virtualization operating systems & data loss prevention platforms to desktop application software & mobile apps.

This experience has revealed an important fact: release engineering is operational and is most effective when implemented that way.

Software development organizations expect their release engineering infrastructure to "just work." Build teams are often "off of the radar," at least until the release everyone is pushing toward becomes blocked on them.

In this regard, the infrastructure is like the power grid we rely on or the air traffic control system that safely guides us through the sky. The teams operating them play a role similar to how we think of air traffic controllers or 9-1-1 operators.

If that's the model we use to think of release engineering, why not incorporate the historical knowledge and current best thinking gathered from operational disciplines of all kinds, and incorporate it to help us ship software more easily?

That's exactly what Release Engineering Approaches does. It's what makes us different.

We look across the entire spectrum of these so-called operational tasks to find the techniques and tools that make us all forget they are even there. Then we merge in our domain-specific technical and organizational experience to apply an entire solution to your build and release engineering problems.

We then build out and efficiently integrate these changes into your environment to serve your entire organization, from developers monitoring their check-in status to executives wanting status of the product launch.